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As with any major project, buying your first home can best be accomplished by approaching it the way you would approach eating an elephant — one bite at a time!


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This report takes you step-by-step through the questions any smart homebuyer would answer before making a big financial decision like buying a home.

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The Smart Way To Buy Your First Home

The first time you do anything, it’s almost never easy. And that is definitely true about the first time you do something really big, like buying a home. There are so many things to take into consideration and thinking about the potential consequences of failure can paralyze you into inaction. It kind of makes you wonder why anyone ever succeeds at buying their first home, until you realize that they do it because once they have thought it through, they realize that the benefits far outweigh the potential pitfalls.

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First Question

Do You Want to Own Your Own Home?

Now, you probably would not be reading this report if you had no interest in buying a home. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you were completely, 100% satisfied with your current living arrangements.

Let’s start with where you are now. Are you renting a house or an apartment? Are you living with friends (or in your parents’ basement)?

Second Question

Is This A Good Time to Buy A Home?

While every real estate market has its own idiosyncrasies, across the nation, what we are seeing is a pretty strong Buyers Market. (A Buyer’s Market favors buyers, while a Seller’s Market favors the seller.) Prices for homes have stabilized after several years of price increases.. In most markets there is an abundant supply of unsold homes — nationally, about a 6 month’s supply given the number of homes on the market and the rate at which they are being sold.

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