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Self-Employed & Wishing You Could Get the Same Service from your Lender as You Give Your own Customers Every Day? Call Us!

You’re self-employed; you know that your business depends on how you treat your customers. But when you need a mortgage loan, you get anything but good service, and here’s why:

  • Your tax returns tend to be more complicated than other people’s – and therefore more work for the lender
  • Especially if your business is still growing, you may be keeping a lot of the money in the business instead of taking it out in personal income, which can make it harder to get your file approved – again, more work for the lender.

But the Tripp Team at Direct Mortgage LOVES  and specializes in working with small business owners and self employed people.

Getting Started

Schedule a free phone consultation with a Tripp Team Loan Officer. We’ll help you figure out your best options for getting your loan approved.

  • We’ll start by listening until we understand your situation. 
  • We’ll get some basic information from you (income, debt, credit)
  • Then we’ll run the loan options available to you (there may be more than you think)
  • And call you to explain those options to you. We can preapprove your loan and be ready to close when you are.

Remember, with the Tripp Team you also get:

1. Fast, Personal Service: Your loan officer personally processes and submits your loan, and we can typically get your loan approved within 7 days of your completed loan application and the required documentation. We can typically close your loan within 7 days of approval.

2. Competitive Pricing: We’re a local, direct lender with minimal overhead. We can compete on price with anyone.

3. Expert Guidance: We close more home purchase transactions than most Realtors, and unlike most lenders, we’re happy to coach you on everything from the selection of a good agent to strategic advice on negotiating the price of your home.

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