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What a Difference 18 Months Can Make!

“Mitch” bought his home in April of 2018 for $___________. He only had enough for a 3% down payment, so he was required to pay mortgage insurance every month, which came to $228 per month. The interest rate on his loan was 4.625%, and his total payment was $__________ per month.

Home values have risen steadily in Utah since then, so we ran some analyses for Mitch, and were able to get a new appraisal on his home, which showed that it was now appraised at $___________. In less than 2 year’s Mitch’ equity in his home (the percentage of the home he owned free and clear) had grown to 13%! As a result, we were able to lower his interest rate from 4.625% to 3.56%. We reduced his monthly mortgage insurance payment from $228 to $55 and lowered the total monthly payment from $_______ to $_______ — saving Mitch $395 per month in payments.

All in a Day’s Work: Saving a Family Almost $2,000 per Month

“Brian” was struggling under high monthly payments. A friend recommended he call us. He had 2 mortgages on his home (what we call a 1st and 2nd mortgage). The two payments came to $1705 per month. In addition to that, he had several other debts that added up to over $50,000, and the payments on those debts came to another $1500 per month. So, Brian was paying over $3200 per month for his house and those debts.


We showed Brian how we could combine all those debts into one mortgage payment. We paid off all of his debt and his only payment now is his monthly mortgage payment of $1364. We reduced his monthly debt payments by $1836 per month! (We also showed Brian how to budget his monthly cash flow so that he could pay all his bills, including any credit card charges, without carrying a balance and ending up paying 18% interest on $200 worth of groceries.


Most of us have made financial mistakes, especially when we were young. We believe in helping people get out of financial trouble if we can, but it’s just as important to us to help our clients learn how to make smart financial decisions going forward.

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A Year after Contacting Us, a Renter with No Credit Owns Her Own Home – And She’s Paying LESS per Month Now Than When She Was Renting!

“Lori” came to us last year because she’d just been notified by her landlord that her rent would be increasing at the end of her lease, which was going to expire in one month.


Lori didn’t like the way they waited until the last minute to tell her they were going to raise her rent, and she had always wanted to own her own home anyway. She wanted to know if we could help her buy a home. We got her information and could see that Lori was a careful money manager; she paid cash for everything and had saved some money. But she had never established credit, so she didn’t have a credit score. We helped her set up a credit card at her bank that was secured by her savings account. That allowed her to establish a credit score and we were able to get her approved for a zero-down-payment FHA loan.


9 months after we closed Lori’s loan, we felt that because interest rates were now lower and home values had increased, there was a chance we could reduce Lori’s monthly payment. We were able to refinance into a conventional loan with a lower interest rate and much lower monthly mortgage insurance, saving her another $175.

Lori is paying less for housing now than when she was renting – and now she owns her own home!

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