The Home Buyer Interview

It all starts with YOU.

signing a contract

Our goal is to find out how we can help YOU.

We accomplish this by better understanding the following:

  • Your situation

  • Your goals

  • Your motivations

  • Your concerns

Let's find out more about your situation

  • What’s your goal (what are you hoping to accomplish)

  • What’s your current situation:

    • single/married/couple, kids, etc.

    • current living situation – living with parents, apartment, rental house, own a home, just sold a home, etc.

  • What’s the problem with the current living situation (reason for considering a change)

We will ask more follow-up questions if necessary.

Direct Mortgage Team

Our role as your Home Buying Coach

As you know, we are mortgage bankers – what makes us different from other lenders is that we also serve our clients as their Home Buying Coach.

We help you make, and execute, a strategic plan for finding the right home for your needs and negotiating the best possible price for it. There is no charge for this service, and we will coach anyone who’s thinking of buying (or selling) a home.

Our goal is to help you make decisions that improve both your quality of life and your financial position – decisions that you will be able to look back on in years to come and be proud of.

Your motivations for wanting to buy

Emotional/Quality of life

  • Better neighborhood
  • Need more room
  • Safer neighborhood/better schools for kids
  • Tired of renting
  • This will be our “Dream Home”


  • Relocating to be closer to work
  • Want home to be an investment that will grow in value
  • Tax advantages (mortgage interest deduction, etc.)
  • Other

Concerns/Obstacles that might cause you to wait

  • Budget, being able to afford it
  • Being able to qualify for financing (credit, past BK, foreclosure, short sale, $$$ for down payment & closing costs, etc.
  • Homes we would want are too expensive
  • Not enough of a selection in the area we want
  • Concerned about home values declining
  • Concerns about losing job/job change
  • Not sure we will stay in this area
  • Other?

Now that we better understand your goals, what’s next?

Custom Report

We will send you a report that will give you some information and some things to think about. We would like you to read that report, and next time we talk, we can go over it and we'll answer any questions you have,

Connect with your realtor

We will talk to your realtor and make sure you get your subscription to the Multiple Listing Service Report for as long as you want to continue to look for a home.

Strategy Session

We are also going to think about everything you told us, do a little research, and when we talk next, we'll give you some recommendations on the best strategy. We call this a “Strategy Session”, where we work out a plan for you to accomplish your goals.

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