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Why Is the Direct Mortgage Team Your Best Choice?

Most of us don’t like dealing with large, impersonal organizations. We don’t like red tape and excessive paperwork and documentation. We don’t want to be overcharged for our home financing, and we want professional guidance from someone we can trust, but we don’t always get it.

So, we built a mortgage company in Utah that gives you what you want:

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Fast, Personal Service

At most banks and mortgage lenders, the job of taking your application, collecting your information, processing it into a loan file, submitting it to an underwriter and getting it approved, and closed – all of these parts of the loan process are usually divided among different people, often in different locations – so that it looks something like the graphic to the left.

That’s a lot of steps, and at many mortgage companies, you could have 10-15 people or more touching your loan at some point in the process. If you’ve worked in an office, you know each of those people has an “inbox” – physical or virtual. When your loan comes to their desk for them to work on, it’s not like they were waiting all day for your loan to arrive. They already have a stack of work in front of you. And while it may only take them 15-30 minutes to complete their work on your file, the work they have in front of you means your loan could sit on their desk for a day or two before they even get to it. Multiply that by the number of people working on your file – often in different locations or even in different cities – and you begin to see why, from your point of view, smaller and simpler is faster – and better for you!

Your loan officer personally processes and submits your loan, and we can typically get your loan approved within 7 days of your completed loan application. (If yours will take longer for some reason, we will let you know as soon as we know, but it’s rare.) And we can typically close your loan within 7 days of approval

Direct Mortgage Team

Competitive Pricing

We’re a local, direct lender with minimal overhead. We can compete on price with anyone.
One of the keys to our ability to compete on price is the proprietary software we use to originate, process, underwrite and close our loans. Our software, called DirectWare, was developed by our founder and CEO, Jim Beech. It makes it possible for your loan officer to enter your loan information and supporting documents and send it directly to our underwriters for approval. Not only does this save time, it also eliminates the need for processors and clerical personnel – which saves us money and enables us to pass the savings on to you.

Expert Guidance

You would naturally expect a mortgage loan officer to be able to offer you advice and guidance on the best loan program for your unique situation and needs, and of course we do that for all our clients.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that the reason you’re getting a mortgage loan is to finance the purchase of a home. And the price you pay for that home is the single most important determining factor in what you pay for your mortgage loan every month. As mortgage lenders, we are involved in more real estate transactions every month than most realtors are. We want you to be able to take advantage of our experience.

We will coach you on the best ways to prepare yourself for the home shopping process – by helping you understand what kind of home you can realistically buy and still stay within your budget.

We’ll help you find the right agent, if you don’t already have one – someone who matches up with your personality and your goals.

We will help you learn the steps you should take whenever you are looking at a home, what questions to ask, and perhaps most importantly, how to determine how much to offer for a specific house. We’ll help you understand how the negotiating process works between buyer and seller – and we can do that because we have seen so many of these negotiations from the inside. When you agree with a seller on the price you’ll pay for your home, you’ll do it with a high level of confidence that you did not overpay for that house.

We believe the combination of these three “superpowers” we offer our clients – fast personal service, competitive pricing, and expert guidance – makes the decision about which lender to choose an easy one.

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